Themindstreet - EdTech

Unlocking Education Excellence: A Unique Learning Management System

Themindstreet LMS is a complete package script for seting up online courses and earn by enrolling students. The bundle includes responsive frontend website managed by full-fledge dashboard for Admin, Teachers and Students. Admin can manage every aspect of the system while Teacher can create multiple courses with Lessons and Tests. User can browse through this list and can enroll as student by paying for the course and educate themselves anytime and from anywhere.


Equipment Management System for Hospitals and Clinics

The ultimate solution for efficiently managing and tracking the complete lifecycle of both IT and non-IT assets, offering unparalleled flexibility and accessibility. Empowering your teams with seamless connectivity to tools, data, and processes, Altix provides invaluable insights for informed decision-making. From planning to optimization, Altix is the go-to platform for maintaining and enhancing asset performance. With anytime, anywhere access, Altix enables you to scale your maintenance program effortlessly, ensuring a streamlined and efficient asset management experience.


Management Information System (MIS): Streamline Data Analysis and Improve Decision-Making

An MIS is a digital tool used to manage and analyze data from various sources within a commercial property. It allows for tracking key performance indicators (KPIs), generating reports, and providing insights for better decision-making. With an MIS, commercial properties can streamline data analysis, improve overall efficiency, and make informed decisions.

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Empowering Real Estate Businesses through Digital Transformation.

At REDT, we streamline the digital transformation journey for real estate businesses by offering expert guidance, valuable resources, and industry-specific knowledge. Our mission is to empower organizations to embrace disruptive technologies and make informed, data-driven decisions by merging real estate expertise with data science and technological advancement.

Document Management System

Document Management System (DMS): Simplify Document Management and Improve Collaboration

A DMS is a digital tool used to store, organize, and manage documents within a commercial property. It allows for easy retrieval, editing, and sharing of documents, and can improve collaboration and productivity across teams and departments.

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Empowering Project Management: Unleash Efficiency with SYNC

SYNC is the project management tool that connects your team with a secure, single-source of data. With SYNC, you can organize and collaborate with everyone on your team, including those outside the office. You'll have access to all the latest info and progress across your entire project or supply chain. With the platform's mobile app, project teams may operate more efficiently. Get the most up-to-date project information wherever you are. Mark up designs, delegate tasks to team members, and send messages while on the go.