(This name combines "Nexa," which means "next" in Latin, with "FM" for facility management. The name suggests a focus on the future of facility management and a streamlined approach to operations.)

An FMS offers a range of features and benefits, including:

  • Building maintenance management for tracking and scheduling regular maintenance tasks and repairs
  • Asset management for tracking and maintaining building assets, such as HVAC systems and elevators
  • Work order tracking for managing maintenance requests and assigning tasks to maintenance staff
  • Inventory management for tracking supplies, equipment, and furniture
  • Real-time data analytics for identifying maintenance trends and predicting equipment failures
  • Mobile app module for on-the-go management


Here's what our clients have to say about our FMS

'Since implementing the FMS, we've been able to reduce downtime and improve the overall condition of our building. The work order tracking feature has been especially helpful in keeping our maintenance staff organized and on-task.'

Client A

'The FMS has helped us stay on top of equipment maintenance and avoid costly repairs. The real-time data analytics feature has also been instrumental in identifying areas for improvement.'

Client B

Integration features include access control system, video surveillance, emergency notification, mobile app, and facial recognition modules for comprehensive security and visitor management.

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